Industry Business and Consumer Fees

There are more than 600 businesses and tens of thousands of vapers in the state of Florida. Together, with your support, we will continue to advance the cause of vapers’ rights and promote smoke-free alternatives.


$400 Monthly

Member Plus

$200 Monthly


$100 Monthly

Additional Store

$50 Monthly

Out of State

$50 Monthly


$10 Monthly
For stores with multiple locations, please note the additional $50 per location.

Monthly Payment Options

Annual Payment Options

Membership is:

  • Opposing Taxation
  • Supporting Bans to Minors
  • Protecting Flavor Options
  • Protecting Online and Retail Sales
  • Protecting Refillable Vaporizer Markets
  • Combating Lies and Propaganda

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This is where your money goes:

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The majority of your donations go to the funding of lobbyists. This is done through Vista. Vista is another non profit that has the goal and purpose of have lobbyists in every state. They are responsible for vetting and educating these lobbyists on our agenda. The FSFA can be considered their boots on the ground for fund raising, education of the public and the industry at large. Our organization is much larger than Vista and has the ability to raise more money at a faster pace. TD Bowen is on the board at Vista as well as the President of the FSFA.
The FSFA also attends conferences and conventions to gather new information for our members and to disseminate to potential future members. This is all part of our fund raising efforts.
We have a website and website hosting that requires capital. we have travel expenses, printed materials.
The FSFA is a non profit so what that means is the officers do not gain financially. There may however be administrative staff that will be paid in the near future. We can only do so much on our own and will have to hire staff to do some of the work. This will only happen as the work load increases.
An itemized list of how we allot funds:
  1. Lobbyist, PAC/Advocacy group memberships
  2. Travel expenses/Convention fees/Transportation
  3. Website development/Website hosting and maintenance/Convention booths
  4. Printed materials (pamphlets, door stickers, business cards)
  5. General expenses:
    • Accounting
    • Web mail hosting
    • Bank services
    • Credit card processing fees
    • Office supplies
    • Office equipment